Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Fierce

illamsqua lipgloss in fierce
Illamasqua has been a firm favorite of mine since I discovered the brand in February and ever since then the love of the brand has grown vastly and so has my collection of Illamasqua  as has the love of the brand. I just love the choice of colours that are avalible that are not usually on the market and of course the beautiful designs on the makeup looks absolutley stunning 
illamasqua lipgloss in fierce
I am not usually a one for choosing lip glosses as they are usually sticky and don't last very long but seeing Fierce .. I just had to have it without any doubt in mind. I love the colour purple but I was not sure if it would suit me but I thought what the hey why not just give it a go, you never know unless you actually try it for yourself
illamasqua lipgloss fierce swatch
I personally find Illamasqua extremely fast at delivering their products and I got my haul within two days of ordering. At first glance of Fierce I thought to myself wow this is to gorgeous to use as it is packaged very well and the colour just mesmerized me! I then thought o my goodness is this going to be to bright for me ? but I shouldn't of been worried, the shade is stunning and I love it more then any other lipgloss that I have ever tried, the application was so easy I was expecting it to be extremely sticky but no it was just glossy and extremely smooth to apply. I can say it lasted so long to like 3 hours before another application which is amazing for a lip gloss in my opinion. 
purple lipgloss illamasqua
As you can see this lip gloss can make even minimal makeup looks fabulous as you can see. I will would recommend this to anyone who fancies a little change to their makeup regime or who just wants to be a bit more daring like myself. 

Have you tried Illasmqua before?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette

makeup revolution palette

When I got my Makeup Revolution haul last month I just had to get a few pieces as they is a great amount of products to choose from and it only came to about £22. I got a free palette too which was Go to Hell. I know it sounds to good to be true to be that price but lets see if it can live up to being affordable.

Colour Chaos is truly a stunning palette with an fabulous choice of eye shadows in matte and in shimmers they is 18 shades in all for the very affordable price of £6. Colour Chaos has 12 shimmers and 6 matte eye shadows all in very bright vibrant colours. On first thoughts it reminds me of Urban Decays Electric Palette but not completely but for the price difference this is worth a go.

colour chaos palette

Over the last year my eye shadow palettes has grown  as I love to have a choice of shades to choose from. Colour Chaos is very different in what shades in what I would usually would wear but it would come in handy for me for going out looks and of course for Halloween as that is coming up soon. 

The Colours in the palette are very pigmented but for extra staying power I would strongly suggest applying eye shadow primer from Makeup Revolution before hand just to make your look last that extra bit longer then it would if you didn't use it. The palette itself is quite sturdy and has a mirror which is very handy to travel with.  I am not amazed with the eye shadow applicator but that's fine as I have plenty of brushes to use instead and for the price the main thing is the actual eye shadows .

colour chaos swatches
from left to right: Gleam, Needed to.., Super Y , Wkd, Me Three, My Demons, Tom Tom, Do it Now, TipX, Pink Obsessed, Toxic Apple-tini, I said Go!, On a Mission, Ammunition, Beyond Real, Over-bored, Deliver Me, Calm me down.

 As you can tell I nearly ran out of arm applying these eye shadows as they is so many! but having this many to choose from is perfect for creating new looks and blending together 

Applying Colour chaos was quite smooth with most colours easy to apply and blend together some needed more on to get the perfect contrast on your eyelid. The shimmers are packed with glitter apposed to the matte they are perfect and can be blended easily into a subtle or drastic look.

colour chaos look
This is the look I created with the Colour Chaos Palette. I used 3 shades in this and blended them together and used the darker eye shadow to make the look more drastic, the shades I used are Needed to..,  Me Three and My Demons.

Overall I love this palette and seriously I can't get over how many eye shadows you get for the price and how well they actually last and look. If you want to try Urban Decays electric palette and are like me like to save money then I would recommend this to you. 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution?

Melissa x

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Vintage Bows

pretty bow dress
pretty bow dress
Dress /// Blue Banana
Bag /// vintage
Tights 120 denier // New Look 
Shoes /// Irregular choice

I always have loved bows, they go on everything from presents to fashion and in my case a tattoo on my wrist so its needless to say I love bows. My outfit today is pretty simple but its a cross between a summer and Autumn outfit seeing as today was quite warm so I just wanted to make the most of it before the colder weather comes.

I seen this dress in the Blue Banana sale for £10 reduced from £45 so I just had to have it! I love the shape of the dress as it compliments my figure. I am between a size 10-14 so I when I buy a dress I tend to go for a 12 and it fits me perfectly. I just love the vintage trend as it is so versatile that you add some modern touches such as my Irregular Choice shoes and the gorgeous bag I was given off my husband mum as a gift.

Melissa x

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September Birchbox Review

Hi Guys and Dolls!
I recently got my September Birchbox, I love receiving mine every month as the design and themes are different every month with a nice mixture of beauty products in the mix. This months theme was Happy Days.I must admit the design is quite funky and quirky, seeing different designs on  them every month really brings a smile to my face.

The first thing that caught my eye was the  ModelCo Power Lash Mascara | £24 , I have never tried this brand before but I am really looking forward to giving this a go. ModelCo promises big impact with minimal effort so I have pretty high expectations for these claims.

Next up that caught my attention was the Benefit Its Potent! Eye Cream | £25.50 this is a cream to help banish dark circles and fine lines. I have been wanting an eye cream for a while so this is perfect for me and its the perfect size to travel with.

Now I not one for complaining but these next items are kinda disappointing for me as they are really small first is the Agave Healing Oil Treatment | £16 This is an oil treatment for the hair to help build your hairs resiliency and boost shine and colour, I know its probably an amazing product with the sheer size of the product it is kinda hard to know if it works well or not. Next up is the Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub | £25 this is a body scrub containing olive granules to help smooth the skin and can also be used on your face too. I know it sounds lovley but the sample size and the presentation of it doesn't look great either it reminds me of going to hotel and their small bubble bath samples.

Up next we have is the Korres Citrus Shower Gel | £8 I just love the scent of citrus and I love shower gels so this is just the the perfect combination. I love the size of the sample too as it is a decent size and I have the chance of seeing if I like the product in case I want to buy the full size one in future.

 Last up is the lifestyle extras and they are Urban Fruit in Strawberry I ate a few of these soon after I took the picture as I have had these before, they are a 100% fruit snack which is perfect for a snack . Then lastly is my least favorite item unfortunately and this is just my own personal opinion and it is the Photo Holder I know a lot will love this but it does not fit well in my home decor unfortunately.

This months box has been a bit disappointing for me as it just felt like a box of samples as everything in the box was a sample size, I know the box has samples but they usually have a full size item but this month was not brilliant for me.

What Beauty boxes do you get?
Melissa x 

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Monday, 22 September 2014

MAC - Flat Out Fabulous

Hi Guys and Dolls
I just had to do another review on the other MAC lipstick I bought the other day following up from my last review on MAC - Russian Red. I decided to give MAC -Flat Out Fabulous a whirl to see if it matched Russian Reds look.

So what is in the tube? Well its a super bright plum matte that is stunning as soon as I seen it I thought this looks truly stunning for the Autumn and Winter months. Application of this lipstick was remarkably smooth very unusual as most matte lipsticks are quite dry and can be quite tricky to apply but this one was very easy to apply and very pigmented, in a matter on seconds my lips were full of colour without the need of re applying. This lipstick is a retro matte and I can see why as it just reminds me of 40s-50s Glamour.
I am a huge fan of vintage glamour and Flat Out Fabulous just fits into my collection beautifully. If you love your vintage glam then I would definatley recommend this to you. Flat Out Fabulous did not last as long as Russian Red but it still had amazing staying power for up to about 4 hours so if your going out don't forget to bring it with you for re application.

Overall I love this lipstick its just stunning and has correctly named Retro Matte as it definatley is like vintage glamour. I know I seen to say this a lot but It has to be added to my favorites as the colour looks stunning and I just love matte lipsticks.

What is your favorite Lipstick ? 

Melissa x

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

MAC - Russian Red Lipstick

mac russian red review

Hi Guys and Dolls!
I must admit this is the first time ever that I have used a MAC Lipstick, I have seen them all over the blogging world and in magazines and even the TV. Took me a while but I finally took the plunge and bought Russian Red and Flat Out Fabulous.

So whats in the tube you say? well Russian Red is a very retro intense blueish red. Applying this on my lips was extremely smooth and quite creamy so it applied quicker then other lipsticks I have tried. It looked a bit like a matte lipstick but it is actually a creme lipstick. The pigmentation is very extreme it really shocked me actually so you don't need a lot to get the perfect pout.
mac russian red on pale skin

I am a big fan of red Lipsticks are they are very classic and you can wear them everyday to just give that extra glamour, Russian Red does not fail in giving you the glamour. Russian red gives you a perfect red lip without looking over the top but still has the wow factor. The lipstick lasted longer then any lipstick I have tried before 6 hours! that has to be a record right? 

I really think how could I have lasted so long without trying Mac Lipsticks!! Russian Red exceeded my expectations to be added to one of my favorite lipsticks. I would recommend it to any vintage and any one who loves red lipsticks or just want to try a red lipstick this one is perfect for any occassion.

Melissa  x

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Tartan Love #1

Scottish pin up

modern pin up scotland

abigails teaparty

glasgow pinup model

Head Band //  New Look
V Neck Jumper // Matalan
Dark Green Check Leggings // River Island
Frill Trim Ankle Socks // River Island
Ankle Boots // Abigails teaparty - Irregular choice.

Its been very hectic in Scotland over the past few days so as you all know with the independence voting. I have decided I would do an outfit of the day dedicated to Scotland and wear some good old fashioned tartan.

I love tartan quite a lot so I have decided to put a little series of outfit of the days dedicated to tartan, so expect so Scottish themed pinup and vintage outfits in the near future.

Autumn is on my mind now and the weather is getting that bit cooler and the nights are getting darker quicker, so my jumpers and darker shades of clothing are coming back out, I still love my vibrant colours so I just add a bit of red lipstick to complete my look.

Hope you enjoy the first of my Tartan Love Series!

Melissa x

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