Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Spiced Orange Yankee Candle

spiced orange yankee candle
Autumn is now well under way and Halloween is just around the corner, its been a perfect excuse for me to buy a new Yankee Candle. The Spiced Orange Yankee Candle small Jar | £7.99 is my choice this week and it has been my favorite relaxing candle this week as it has such a delightful spicy scent.

Presented in the traditional Yankee Candle way, with a burnt orange wax colour. Spiced Orange is a beautiful scent with a blend of sunny citrus and ginger, which makes it the perfect Autumn and Winter candle as its a warming scent and reminds me a lot of Christmas baking. Yankee candle has so many candles now its unbelievable, and this scent has to be one of favorites that I have tried yet as it has a very homely and refreshing scent. 

The small jar can burn from 25 to 40 hours, I have used this candle for a week now every evening and it still looks like it has been barely used so I definatley think it is worth every penny.

What is your favorite Yankee Candle scent?

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Halloween Look - Dr Frank N Furter

rocky horror picture show makeup

dr frank n furter

dr frank n furter

The Rocky Horror Picture show has been a favorite film of mine for a long time with its quirky characters and of course my favorite Dr Frank N. Furter. Even though the film is over 30 years old it is still going strong with popularity.I have always loved the dark and mysterious way his makeup is in the film, I decided to make the look up myself seeing as its Halloween in a few days time.

Products and steps :
  1. Apply your primer and foundation, I used Illamasqua skin base foundation and Mua primer 
  2. For the cheeks use a grey eye shadow, I used a grey out of Makeup revolutions palette from hell and used it the same way I use a blush just to make my cheek bone look that bit sharper.
  3. Use a black eye shadow and draw a basic like up the nose to the top of the eyebrow and then another line at the end of your eye to the bottom end of your eyebrow just to give this look more sharpness. I then used the black and navy eye shadow in the go to hell palette all the way up to the brow bone and blended it all for a more pigmented look use a eye shadow primer.
  4. Apply an eyeliner to the top and bottom parts of your eyelids and to your water line, I used Barry m's kohl pencil and then apply mascara.
  5. For the eyebrows I used an eyeliner pencil and followed my natural curve of my eyebrow and just made it a bit sharper and filled it in.
  6. Used the pencil eyeliner on the lips like a lip pencil and then apply Mac's Russian red and mix them together to get the perfect lip colour.
What Makeup Look should I do next?

Melissa x

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China Glaze - Traffic Jam

china glaze traffic jam

china glaze traffic jam

china glaze traffic jam

Since my nail polish collection has grown over the months, all thanks to blogging... I have had a few favorite brands and China Glaze has to be one of them with their vast range of colour's and styles from neon's to sparkles. I have about 10 China Glaze nail polishes and this is on of them and it is called traffic jam.

Traffic Jam is a delicious berry creme which reminds me a lot of a divine raspberry sorbet. This shade is perfect for any occasion whether your going on a shopping trip or going out to dinner. The formula of the nail polish is very easy to apply and even with one coat it looks quite opaque but if you want it to 100% I would recommend two coats and to finish your nails off apply a top coat to help prevent your nails chipping so easily and to make the nails look more glossy.

 China Glaze is high performance nail polish which is free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. These nail polishes are made out of china clay which helps strengthen the nails whilst giving you the most beautiful nail colour. China glaze are affordable and you can buy them from Beauty Bay for £6.95, on the website you will have loads to choose from, from the brand.

   What is your favorite nail polish shade?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Too Faced Chocolate Palette
I have always admired the Too Faced - Chocolate Palette as it looks beautiful and reminds me of the film charlie and the chocolate factory with its really well made palette. Too faced chocolate palette has 16 eye shadows which are inspired by none other then one of my favorite things ... chocolate. It smells so amazing exactly like chocolate. The price sounds a little bit expensive at £45 but if you bought that many eye shadows at lets say MAC it would cost a lot more then this.

Too Faced Chocolate Palette
The palette has 16 shades that are mainly neutral with a mixture of matte and shimmers, everyone of them has amazing colour pay off in my opinion and you can get a fabulous look so much quicker with this palette even without the eye shadow primer.

                                                                  The shades include : 
                           Glided Ganache
White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate
Salted Caramel
Black Forest Truffle
Triple Fudge
Strawberry Bon Bon
Candied Violet
Creme Brulee
Haute Chocolate
Cherry Cordial
Champagne Truffle
These shades sound like a big box of chocolates yummy!!

Too Faced Chocolate Palette Swatches
Too faced are a cruelty free brand and has to be one of my favorite premium brands, they have a great selection of vegan makeup too. I know it sounds expensive but  I would recommend this to everyone as it cruelty free and the shades are perfect for everyday wear.

You can get Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette over at Beauty Bay for £45

Have you tried Too Faced before?

Melissa x

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Affordable Vintage Coat

affordable vintage coat
Hi beauties
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I love collecting everything vintage from household things to clothes, saying that clothes is my favorite vintage items to collect. I would have so many vintage things in my house but money could be an object for me as I don't have loads, so I love to find the affordable options. I have been needing a coat for a while but I have been holding it off for a while as I wanted the perfect one for me.

I always do my shopping on a Thursday with my lovely mum so we decided to go to Asda, we tend to alternate as I find going to the same one quite rhetorical, I am glad we went to Asda because as we went in we seen loads of fantastic clothes by George as soon as we walked through the doors

I had to get something for Halloween first, its the only time of year to get spooky themed clothes which is a shame as I just love the style of clothes you can buy during Halloween. I just had to get the mickey mouse trick or treat t shirt it was a bargain at £7. You can check it out on the website Here.

I tried a few coats on as they was so many to choose from and I just wanted to get the perfect fitting coat as most coats I have had or tried in the past have not fit me very well, this is because I am a size 10 t shirt and trousers can be anything from 12 to a size 14.

So I eventually chose the G21 Faux Fur Trim Coat at £30 this is an elegant navy colour with the chic buttons and faux fur collar which to me utterly stunning. This coat is perfect for those cold days, windy days or those days when all it does is snow. It would could beautifully well with a scarf or even a fancy hat.

Did you get a new coat this year?

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks

Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks
I have to admit lipsticks are one of my favorite beauty items and I was so delighted to win my favorite brand of makeup Illamasqua!! I have been entering Dave Lackie competitions for a while now but I never in a million years thought I would of actually won even more so these beautiful lipsticks, argh I am so excited to try these beauties.

Illamasqua is fairly new makeup brand introduced in 2008 and is a British brand. They are quite different compared to a lot of makeup on the market with amazing collections such as Facets and paranormal. I have a few pieces from their collection now as they is so much to choose from such as lipsticks to foundation.

 so which lipsticks did I get? 

Pinkie is a cool pink in a satin finish, this lipstick and is very much like a frosty light pink. Light pink is not normally my colour but I will try it for sure and match it up to my nails and outfit in future I am sure.

Vampette is a deep berry shade in a satin finish and has a gothic look to it as well. This has to be my favorite out of what I won and have used it once or twice already.

Cherub is a warm coral shade in satin, this lipstick is an everyday shade so is suitable for any occasion and is very adjusted to the autumn.

Naked is a obvious by the name as a naked shade and it also is in a satin shade. Quite a few of us are looking for a nice nude shade and I am really hoping this is perfect!

Starkers is a soft flesh pink and of course you guessed it! it is also a satin finish. This is quite a nude shade as well but this is a bit more pinker then naked. I think this might just be an everyday lipstick for me.

What is your favorite Illamasqua Lipstick?

Melissa x

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Pursing my career as a Makeup Artist

I have always wanted a career in the beauty sector ever since I was a child, I was always keen at trying my mums makeup and perfumes its a timeless memory for me and it grafted my future plans from those moments. The earliest memory I have of makeup is when I was 5 years old and I made myself look like a piece of Picasso master pieces haha

I am now 24, I know it seems a bit slow to finally choose a career but I have had a few obstacles in my way from confidence issues to my self belief not being great. I still am a bit shy every now and again but I have finally over come the feeling of being a failure and decided its time to do what you love don't let you hold your own self back, I am worth it! The main thing that give me a push in the right direction is RuPaul's quote, 'If you can't love yourself, How in the hell you gonna love someone else' those words have stuck in my mind and always will.

I have have 3 children so I wanted to do something so I can learn at home and do a part time job as well. Choosing QC Makeup Academy was the best option for me so I can study and learn at home at my own pace, so I have time for other things as well. They have a few courses available and I choose the master makeup artistry course. I looked at the course for a few months before deciding to go ahead with it to be sure it was the right option for me. I made absolute sure by double checking it would teach me the things I need to know. Looking into it thoroughly with my husband and my mum they decided it would be amazing to pursue my career of being a makeup artist as makeup is something I just love. My friends and family even want to be involved in it so I can do makeup skills on them, so that will be pretty exciting! and I will be posting on my blog about too, so keep an eye out in future for that.

I got my kit over a week ago and they is a lot included in it which is fantastic and I will post in a future post what is included in a QC Makeup Academy course. It was delivered really quickly and was packed very well and nothing was damaged inside. I will tell you a very basic idea in what was included.
- Eye shadow Palette
- Concealer Palette
- Makeup Brushes
- Lipstick Palette

At the moment I have done 3 assignments and its been fantastic so far and the website is very simple to use. The course has been so useful for me as I can do it at night time and I blog at that time too so its just perfect for me as I have a busy schedule . Keep an eye out in future for makeup looks by me.

Thanks for reading my post

Melissa x

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