Saturday, 22 November 2014

Reasons I love my Husband


Me and my husband have nearly been married for four years, we may of had our ups and down but our love has grown so much more since the day we got married. We got married 4 years ago in Glasgow and we had our honeymoon there as well, we are going for a weekend again this year again to celebrate our 4 crazy years being married.

Reasons I love my husband
- He is an amazing dad to our 3 children
- I am training to be a makeup artist at the moment and he such a flower! he lets me makeup practice on him and he just loves it!
- Every now and again he surprises me with my favorite flowers
- His dance moves aren't the best but they are hilarious 
- He never gives up, at the moment he works long shifts, goes to college and is a dad and husband.
- He loves hoovering, that's a chore off my list haha.
- He coughs when he farts to try and disguise it, he thinks hes being a gentleman haha
- We never fall out for over 1 hour as one of usually starts to laugh and we end up hugging and making up.

They is many more reasons but this post would be extremely long but I am sure you all get the idea.
I will do some more posts like this in the run up to our anniversary so I can share our celebrations with you all.

 Till next time guys and dolls!
Melissa x 

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Voodoo Vixen - Alicia Cardigan

voodoo vixen alicia cardigan
I just love companies that give a modern twist to the vintage era. For me my styles have to be quirky and different not forgetting to fit perfect for my generous curves.

Voodoo Vixen  is a vintage inspired fashion brand based in the buzzing and always busy East London. The brand is aimed for the retro, rockabilly pinup fashion fans out their, they go the extra mile with the designs by designing the clothes to fit everyone's shape with the designs fitting the perfect silhouette so we can look fabulous everyday and stand out from the crowd. The designs are designed are based on the past but also blended together with modern fashion which just adds to the character of the clothes.

The Alicia Cardigan is a black, red and white soft knit cardigan with tattoo inspired swallows embroidery on the shoulders. The cardigan itself is very good quality and exceeds my expectations and its a very good price as well at £31.99 which is great compared to a lot of other brands on the market. I bought this in a size 12 and it fits me perfectly and gives me plenty of room and looks like a nice slim fit on my waist. I would wear this for any occasions but that's just me haha. This cardigan is also available in red.

I wore the Alicia Cardigan with a plain black t shirt and a ruffled black pencil skirt which I got in a sale a few months ago, I combined these together with my winter tights as the weather outside is getting a bit to cold now, I really miss the summer. I would wear this cardigan with any dress or trousers as its versatile and suitable for any season which I just love!
I really can't wait to get more Voodoo Vixen into my collection as the clothes look simply look stunning, so look out in future for them in my fashion posts.

Till next time Guys and Dolls!
Vintage Melissa x

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Enchant

makeup revolution lipstick enchant
I just love bargains I must admint, every time I go shopping I am always looking for items on sale or a price to good to miss, but with makeup revolution I know I am just going to buy a haul because they have such an amazing range for an affordable price but what makes the deal so much better for me is that the quality of the makeup is just amazing, very unexpected to most affordable makeup brands that I have tried out before. Makeup Revolution is cruelty free and have a wide choice of makeup to choose from.
makeup revolution swatch enchant
Enchant is a light pink which reminds me of Peach from Super Mario! I just love the pink its perfect for everyday wear and would go with any outfit. The shade itself is creme and stays put for up to two hours plus which is very respectable for a lipstick which is only £1! and not only that it smells so much like vanilla and its not overpowering at all.
The look of the lipstick is what you would expect for a £1 but it really blends in with my lipstick collection and looks amazing with other Makeup Revolution lipsticks.
makeup revolution lipstick enchant
 - Affordable
- Long Lasting
- Nice scent
- Simple but effective design
 Loose lid 

If your like me and like to have a few lipsticks and few of the premium I would recommend to add this fabulous lipstick to your collection! I am looking forward to adding more to my collection and for a £1 they are just guilt free.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet? 

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Vintage Fashion #1

vintage fashion
Headband - Primark (recent) || Long Sleeve Top - Matalan (old) || Pencil Skirt - Prettylittlething (old - link is a similar skirt) || Shoes - Irregular choice.

As the title suggests I am going to be doing a series on my outfits that I wear. As you can tell by my blog name they are all going to be vintage inspired from the high street shops right up to the shops that specialise in 40s-50s fashion but seeing as I usually have a budget on how much money I spend on an outfit its usually a high street find or a bargain from a second hand shop. 

Today's outfit is a pretty simple one for me, and not only that, it is very affordable. I don't really spend much on my outfits as I like to save money at the moment because me and my husband are saving up for a mortgage, so I tend to look in primark, matalan and places like that to see if anything on sale or they is a bargain to be found even Ebay is great.

For fast simple outfits, I usually wear a pencil skirt with tights with a long sleeve top in any shade but if it polka dot that tends to look more retro to me.

Until next time!

Melissa x

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

November Birchbox

november birchbox 2014
I have had the Birchbox for nearly a year now and every month the boxes have been a bit of a hit and miss but this months box seems to be a lot better!
This Birchbox theme is about 'Cosy at Home' which is quite a nice name for an autumn themed beauty box to be honest seeing as the nights are darker and snugly not forgetting about the bright and wonderful fireworks that take place in November.
I have never used a cleansing foam before but I have always been tempted to add it to my skincare regime. This is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which helps with complexion brighten your look. I am looking forward to adding this to my skincare regime over the next few weeks.

OPI Turn On The Haute Light Nail Polish | £11.95 ( full size )
This nail polish is part of their Coca- Cola collection, the silver is very shimmery and in my own opinion perfect for the Christmas season. I am pleased to have finally a full size OPI polish in my collection as I have a few minis at the moment a bonus with this is that it is a nice colour, something that I would personally choose.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper | £22 ( sample )
I have never seen such a mini lip sample! but I must admit it does look cute. I am not a fan of lip plumpers personally but my mum is willing to give this a go. This lipstick is made with a blend of mint oils and ginger root extract which helps boost circulation and moisturising shea butter.

Beauty Protector Protector & Treat Hair Mask | £16 ( 2 samples)
This is to help rejuvanate hair and to protect it, I like using hair masks once a week and leave them for about 20 minutes on my hair to keep my hair in top condition so shall be using these soon. This is packed with argan oil, honey amber and something which amazes me .. crushed pearls.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil | £15.95 ( sample size )
Never heard of buckthorn oil before so I am looking forward to actually trying this. This oil is full of pro vitamins that helps protect against environmental stresses, this is used after a bath or shower.

 Montezuma's mini bar | £2.39
I am vegan so my husband had this, this bar is made from the finest cocoa beans for a sophisticated flavour. My husband really loved this chocolate bar he finished it quickly as soon as he came home from his 12 hour shift at work.

Do your get any beauty boxes?

Melissa x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

The Vegan Kind #13

the vegan kind #13
 Happy Birthday to the amazing The Vegan Kind
Its been their first year in business and they done amazingly well with giving a great variety in their boxes and gaining loads of followers on social media as well over the past year, they deserve every success giving a subscription box for Vegans/Vegetarians and people who just want to give vegan products a go.
I am a big fan of Quinoa because of its health benefits and that it is full of fibre and protein and the main thing for myself it actually really fills me up compared to rice and pasta. I have never tried this brand before but it has won 6 great taste awards and is Michelin starred and I will be having it with my dinner tonight with some curry and salad Yummy!!

I seriously couldn't wait to eat these! I ate them with my lunch the same day I got the box, I must admit I am a massive crisp fan and just wish I could find these in store as they taste amazing. These crisps are great for people who are Vegan Vegetarian and these are even halal, kosher and they are even gluten free.

This was made especially made for the vegan kind so I feel very lucky to have this as I just love salted caramel. This is perfect for ice cream and to put onto a hot chocolate, I am looking forward to trying this with the vegan card recipe card which is a pumpkin spice latte.

 I was looking foward to trying this but I did not get the chance because my daughter Ameerah loved the look of the carton and decided she wanted  to try it, she loved it and wants me to buy some more of  these! so they are a big success in my house, really need to order more for the family. These are great for everyone as they have no refined sugar additives or preservatives and of course - dairy free!
I have tried organic surge last year  and I really loved the range so I am happy to have something different this time in the vegan kind box, the scent is perfect for the morning as it smells very refreshing. My husband really loves the scent of this and he is the king of showers so he will be using this for sure haha.

The ingreients to this are 100% Paleo and 0% and is made with only 5 ingredients so its the perfect natural engery bar. My husband ate this after coming back from the gym and he really  enjoyed it and was surprised how delicious it tasted and the fact its natural too.

As ever I am very pleased with my The Vegan Kind Box and you can order from their website Here!
The box is £10 and the p&p is £3.15.

Melissa x 

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Voodoo Vixen Wishlist

voodoo vixen wishlist
I know Christmas is only just next month but its really hard to resist the beautiful 50s inspired clothing over at Voodoo Vixen. I just love the clothes in the 50s they are very feminine and come in many different styles and would suit anyone as they are so versatile!

You can never have to many cardigans in your wardrobe! this one is a lovely autumn and winter shade its perfect for the cooler weather 

This dress is very me, I just love the colour and of course it has cats printed all over it! what is not to love, I have 3 cats myself so yes I am a cat lady haha :D. The dress is beautiful for causal day wear or going out it can be dressed for any occasion.

It reminds me of one of my favorite films, grease because of the cute poodle design on it., I just love the design of this and the colour combination is beautiful, I really hope to have it in my vintage collection very soon.

What can I say but just WOW! how beautiful is this skirt! its so 50s that it makes me want to go swing and jive with my husband! I am not usually a skirt person but with this skirt I will make an exception as it looks stunning.

I can't seem to find the last dress on the website but it is on their Facebook page and I just love it, will be keeping a eye out for it in the near future on eBay! its just gorgeous with the fabulous poodle design.

What is your favorite Vintage Clothing Shop? 

Melissa x

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