Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Night Skincare Routine

night skin care
Before blogging, I didn't really bother so much with skincare as I really didn't think it mattered at all. This all changed the longer I blogged and seeing so many fabulous skincare products all the different roles each skin care has. I ended up buying a few to try out and have ended up with these as my everyday night time regime and I just love them and they make such a difference to my skin and its so much easier applying makeup now and my skins so much more clearer now.

Since I was a late teenager my skin has been combination skin and has breakouts every now and again so I try my very best to combat to keep my skin as clear as possible. With the following steps and trying the same products for a month I can conclude that the following products are working well for me and I am happy with the results.

I start off by removing my makeup and then washing my face with water

Dr Jart+ V7 Cleansing Foam - I then apply thin layer of cleansing foam on my skin just before I go upstairs and leave it on my skin for 15 minutes and wash it of my skin in circular motions.

B. Pure Micellar Water - This is something that I never heard of before blogging but I am so glad I found it as it removes impurities and removes any makeup that has not been removed with the prior steps. The micellar water has no scent and does not effect my sensitive skin.

Benefit 'It's Potent' Eye Cream - I got this in a recent Birchbox and I know its a sample size but it has lasted such a long time and has made a difference to my dark circles I use this at night and also every morning, when this has finished I am defiantly re purchasing.

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum- This is a luxury that I won in a competition last year! Its got a heavenly scent and it makes me feel like a queen when I apply it. Its makes my skin very smooth and absorbs into the skin almost instantly. This is enriched with omega 3,6 and 9 and vitamins A & E which helps to even and brighten up the skin tone.

Superdrug Vitamin night cream - This cream is enriched with vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and has a complex mix of other vitamins such as A,B,F and H with horse chestnut extract which helps care for dry skin. This is an affordable cream and in my own opinion works wonders and pampers my skin every evening.

White rabbit skincare Lip balm - A company that is available on etsy this lip balm is just lovely as its scent is coconuts and it is natural. I.I always apply this after all the other steps to keep my lips from getting dry or chapped in the colder weather and its worked so far this December.

I am open to trying other skincare in future but until I have used the following up I will keep using them as I am happy with how they keep  my skin mostly clear which is fabulous

What is your night skincare routine?

Melissa x

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

December Birchbox

December Birchbox
Wow how beautiful is Decembers Birchbox with its gorgeous design with jewels? When I opened the box I was pleasant surprised with what was in the box as the products in the box actually looked quite festive too that actually match the box.

Sophia Webster December Birchbox 2014
I can't believe its December so that means the last Birchbox of 2014 so this months box includes a purse designed by Sophia Webster, the box also compromises of 3 Birchbox exclusive products and 2 full size products 

December Birchbox
So whats in Decembers Birchbox?

This purse is quite sweet with its mix of pale blue and leopard print. This purse is perfect to store cards, loose change and not forgetting the lipstick this is the right size for most handbags.
 This purse is exclusive to Birchbox and has been designed for them too.
 (RRP £25)

I just love the name of this brand and it sounds quite promising, Electric hair is an indie brand and its  to help repair damaged hair and to improve shine with it moisture rich formula. The brand was founded by Mark Woolley whose approach to hairdressing is to help the client find their own personal 'look' and to make it work for their day to day life.
( RRP £17.50)

Models own have teamed with Birchbox before to bring us their amazing nail polishes. In this months box its Absinthe which is a exceptional green which is packed to max with glitter and adding a top coat will give it that extra shine, which is perfect for Christmas, New Year and parties.
Models Own is a cruelty free brand and all their nail polishes are vegan.
Full Size (RRP £5)

This jumbo pencil is the key to a perfect smokey eye which is super pigmented, all you have to do is apply like a thick eyeliner and smudge to create a smokey eye effect just like the 60s. This can also be used to create the thicker eyeliner effect as with all makeup I would always suggest using a primer first to help keep the makeup in place for longer.
Eyeko are a cruelty free brand and they are also vegan which is fantastic.
Full Size ( £8)

Rosehip oil is loved for its effects on scars, stretchmarks, dehydration and ageing skin, Trilogy is 100% natural and just contains rose hip oil and nothing else. Rosehip oil is bursting with fatty acids.
This oil can be used on the face or body with 2 or 3 drops or as needed and just massage into the skin.
(RRP £16.50)

At the end of a long week I just love using a face mask to relax so I am happy to have got this in this months birchbox! This is a plant based treatment and uses natural actives with a gel formula to help rejuvenate the skin.
Apply directly on the skin and leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off 
(RRP £39.95)

I just loved this as it was in a pretty pink cracker me and my husband pulled this and I won yay! High beam is a liquid highlighter and can be used on the cheek bones and on the brow bone and all you have to do is blend for the perfected highlighted look.
I am looking forward to trying this as at the moment I have makeup revolutions highlight and that is amazing and makes such a difference.
(RRP £19.50)

I am very pleased with this months birchbox and its matched the month perfectly at looking very festive and sparkly. December Birchbox is still available on their website at £10 a month with a P&P of £2.95. Check out the Birchbox website here!

Do you have any beauty box subscriptions?

Melissa x

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Iced Candy Makeup

With Christmas and New Year Just around the corner I decided to do a drastic and very vibrant colour makeup hence the name Candy as it looks so colourful and over the top.
I like using  a range of makeup to create different looks but my favorite shades have to be over the top shades even though I don't tend to wear them everyday but they are perfect for going out or special occasions.

Products I used.
  1. Complexion -  I used Illamasqua rich liquid foundation in 140, concealer was also Illamasqua. For the blusher it was Makeup Revolutions sugar and spice palette and I used the highlighter in that also.
  2. Eyes - For my eyes I used Makeup revolutions primer to get a base for my eye shadows which were sugarpill birthday girl, absinthe and the silver from makeup revolutions colour choas palette and the white the highlight my brow bone. For my eyebrows I used Illamasquas eyebrow cake in motto.
  3. Lips - For the lips I used a combination of fierce and gender to create a sort of candy cane effect in which I love!

Hope you like this look in a few days I will bean iced queen, so keep an eye out for that makeup look. :D

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Vegan Beauty Gift Guide For Her || Under £15

With Christmas just over two weeks away, I think its about time Vintage Melissa started posting about gift guides for everyone :D I have not started Christmas shopping yet but I hope to start soon hopefully before it starts getting to busy. Have you started Christmas Shopping yet.

I find that its not the easiest thing to find a cruelty free/vegan gift on the high street especially at the most busiest time of year. So I have searched for the top 5 beauty gifts for women for a brilliant and affordable price range at under £15.

The Body Shop Strawberry Beauty Bag || £12
This gift has so much included which is a shower gel, body butter, hand cream and bath crinkle so its perfect for anyone who loves to have a pamper. I know I sure do after a long week. Strawberries is such a popular scent but if its not for you they is loads of scents to choose from on the website and in your local Body Shop store.

Lime Crime Velvetine | £13.50
Lime crime on its own is the perfect present this Christmas as the designs on the products themselves are stunning. This is perfect any beauty fan. They have many shades to choose from they is one for every occasion. I am a big fan of Salem which is a matte chocolate brown shade.

Lush Christmas Candy Box | £14.95
If you anything like me you will just love lush, I go their weekly to get something different so what could better?  The candy box includes a candy mountain bubble bar, rock star soap, butter bear bath and snow fairy shower gel. So all in all this is a gift that is wrapped already and has a great selection of scents which is like a sweet shop hence the name candy box.

Models Own Lux 4x 10ml | £7
This is for any nail polish fan! Models own have so many beautiful nail polishes in their collection but this gift set has 4 minis in a gift set so you have 4 choices to choose from and the set also includes gold tape and gold pusher to help keep nails on trend.

Sleek I divine In Vintage Romance | £7.99
Where would my gift guide be without something vintage! This palette has the perfect 12 shades for any occasions, the palette itself has enchanting sparkly shadows that are very pigmented and can be applied and blended very simply. The looks you can create with this palette is endless and is the perfect addition to a makeup fans collection.

Till next time!

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

November Empties

November Empties
I know it sounds like I say this every month but were on earth did November go? It must of been the fastest month of the year yet for me  and I can't believe its actually December now and its not long to go now until Christmas and dare I say it 2015 a brand new year.

I have not had many empties posts this year as I end up throwing out most of the empty products out  before I even get a chance to take a picture haha but the lucky thing is this time I finished these 4 products at roughly the same time so it worked out well for making a November empties post.

I got this a few months back in a birchbox and my husband mostly used it as he ran out of beard oil and he also used it on his hair, I used it too. Divine oil is blend of grape, hibiscus, seasame and argan oils blended together with antioxidants it can be used for hair, nails, skin and can be used in the bath or as a massage oil, so its a very vesratile oil. I personally liked this oil but I really could get along with the smell unfortunatley as its scent was a bit overpowering for myself and my husband too.
Buy again? No

Bleach London is a fairly new brand which has become available in boots, I was tempted to try something from the range and I ended up choosing the hair serum as my hair has been more colours then the rainbow over the years so I wanted something to help keep my hair smooth and washing and to use for pre styling. I really loved this and it worked wonders on my hair and would recommend it to anyone with split ends or has changed their hair colour a lot. The only small downfall with this product is that to much comes out the pump with just one pump.
Buy again? Yes 

Finding a foundation that matches my skin tone can be a challenge for me sometimes but the healthy mix foundation has a decent selection to choose from and I chose light vanilla which is perfect for my complexion. The product claims to last and be radiant for 16 hours as it has a mixture of melon, apple and apricot which does give it a beautiful scent but not overpowering at all. The product claims about lasting 16 hours maybe a is bit exaggerated and I would say personally it lasted a good 10 and it did make my skin look more radiant so that is fantastic.
Buy again? Yes 

I am always changing my hairstyles everyday for victory rolls to big hair don't care kinda look so I need a hairspray that will last all day and will hold my hairstyles with no flyways. unfortnatley this hair spray wasn't brilliant for me and had little to no holding power for me, I had to get an other hairspray, thankfully this was only the smaller bottle of hairspray.
Buy again? No 

What have you used up last November?

Melissa x

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Cruelty Free Hair Dye

Cruelty Free Hair Dye
With so many hair dyes on  the market you would simply think it was easy to be able to find something that was cruelty free but it has not been the easiest task for me even more so finding hair dyes that are vegan also.
So over the past year I have found a few brands that are cruelty free but not as many as you might think unfortunately but  I do have a few to make a list so you have a decent choice to choose from and most of the following brands I have tried before too.
If you know any more please send me a message so I can add it to the list



La Riche  ( Cruelty Free ) Has many shades to choose from, from your blues to super bright pinks.
Lush ( Cruelty Free and Vegan) These are made out of Persian henna and they are more like a natural hair shade such are dark browns and reds.
Manic Panic  ( Cruelty free and 100% Vegan ) This brand has been around since 1977 and know a thing or two about bright hair, they have many shades from platinum to purples.
Naturtint ( Cruelty Free ) This can be found in your local Holland and Barret and has a few natural shades to choose from including a selection of bright hair shades too.


Smart Beauty ( Cruelty Free ) This brand can be found in your local superdrug online, they have a good selection of shades from platinum blonde to the brighter hair shades.
Superdrug own brand Hair Dyes ( Cruelty Free and Vegetarian) As the name suggests these can be found in your local superdrug, they have a fantastic selection from natural shades to the brighter shades as well, they are very affordable too.

As with any hair dye please do a patch test 48 hours before you apply any hair colour.

What hair colours have you had?

Melissa x

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Illamasqua Lipstick in Vampette

Illamasqua Lipstick vampette
Its December and that can only mean one thing not long now till its Christmas I am so excited!! and Illamasqua will be on my list for sure. I have bought so much Illamasqua over in past year ever since finding out about the brand when I first started blogging. the range just drew me in with the classic glamour style and the fabulous selection of makeup they have to offer, they are the perfect treat for any makeup fan or makeup artist.

I won 5 Illamasqua Glamour Lipsticks in a competition and vampette was one of the shades included in the selection. Vampette is a deep plum shade which is from their glamour collection and they are in a satin finish, the shade is a very dark purple that is almost fruity in appearance like a blackcurrant  kinda look in which I love and I would think it would go so well with any look, as myself I love to dress in a modern vintage style and this matches my style so well I would say it would suit everyone especially in the winter and its even in my top 5 winter lipsticks post.
Illamasqua lipstick vampette
As you can tell by my picture even though this lipstick is a deep plum shade it matches my bright pink/blue outfit and of course my vibrant red hair perfectly! I have to say out of all my lipsticks in my collection this is my favorite for December and its in my handbag for everyday use.

I must say this lipstick is long lasting lipstick and lasted all day for me even with a warm coffee. This lipstick may be a bit pricey for £18.50 but I think its the perfect treat as its such a beautiful shade and its lasting too its the perfect addiction to any Illamasqua fan.

Have you tried Illamasqua yet?

Melissa x

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